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Celebrating birthday in Vatican

The day was perfect, sunny and mild temperatures. While it was my second trip to Vatican, it was the first for Yesha. I had originally been there in 2011, in one of my solo trips and it was a bit of Deja-vu to be back at same spot after so many years. It was even more special, as we had a great company of friends and it was Yesha’s 24 birthday.

Birthday with friends in Vatican

Our day started with the cruise dropping us on the shore and then a wonderful ride in the minivan to the historical city of Rome. It took us about 2 hours to get from cruise to the middle of the city, and once there, we pretty much decided to explore the place on foot. Rightly said, as the entire city is easily accessible by road and walking in historical European city is quite an experience. After quickly seeing some famous spots such as Pantheon & Trevi Fountain, we made our way into the Vatican, the smallest country of the world.

With a total area of just half a mile, Vatican City is officially the smallest country in the world, not just by size, but also by the population, with only 1000 people living in the country. Make no mistake though, the entire landscape is grandeur and surely going to make you speechless, as you stare down the Michelangelo’s dome and the surrounding St Peter’s Square. The line to actually see the St. Peter’s Basilica from inside was super huge & we highly recommend you to buy Skip the line tickets online before your visit here especially in summer, and given that we had some other stuff planned for the day, we decided to move to the next stop. But before that we took a bunch of pictures that will always remain in our memories whenever we look back at Yesha’s 24th birthday, after-all no trip to Italy is finished without a visit to Vatican!

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