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Private beach just for us

Not many people travel to Milos, as there are other islands that are more popular for tourists. We took a chance and it was amazing. While on the drive in this fairly sparse island, we came across a secluded beach. The tricky part was to actually get to the beach from the car, as it follows a series of ladders, that you have to descend just using a rope. Yesha had researched about this somehow, and it takes just a little effort to convince me on any new adventure, so I was immediately game.

So, seeing that no one was around, we were determined to give that a shot. Yesha was a bit scary going down, as there were couple of tricky spots, but more she did, more she grew with confidence, and we finally made it to the beach. We were surprised that we had the most beautiful of locations, just for us. The beach itself is fairly small, but water was so crystal clear. We went for a swim and saw plenty of fishes. It was hot in the sun, but the water temperature was perfect for us to stay there for a good 2 hours and swim and just lay on the beach. We later discovered that the beach is called Tsigrado Beach, and is a known tourist spot, but with no one around, it felt like a private beach. More reasons for you to head to Milos.

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