Experiences Greenland

Evenings with Icebergs

When you are in Greenland, Icebergs are the pretty common, and you mustn’t be surprised to see icebergs as tall as 100 feet right next to your hotel as you sip through that hot tea. That’s exactly what happened with us. We took a stroll through the city of Illulisat, and happened to came across small shops, houses and massive icebergs. None bigger than the one you see here in the pic, almost welcoming us to come enjoy our meal.

But what was even more relaxing through this trip was the actual stroll in the city itself, allowing us to capture different views of the glacier , the sea and the icebergs all around. We started from our hotel, walked through the Pissifik supermarket, saw some local shops, and also came across the only Deloitte office in Greenland , different touring companies and a small soccer playground, all giving a small glimpse into a day in the life of local natives. But we just couldn’t take our eyes of the iceberg, specially the big one. It just stood there , still, all 3 days we were here.

Do read more about our Greenland diaries here.

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