Experiences Greece

Sun, Beach & everything Mediterranean

Greece has close to 6000 islands, each offering unique views and sceneries. Only about 227 of these are actually inhabited, and one of the most famous ones is actually Mykonos. We spent most of the time here chilling, watching and loving that pleasant sounds made by the ocean waves hitting the shore, all in a comfort of our beach shack, as we took breaks from the water sports and everything worldly. Just us, the sun, beach and the Mediterranean !

Now to the details. We stayed in Myconian Utopia, and we were lucky to be upgraded to an even better room. But the best part was that the villa was 2 mins from the beach, which had plenty of shacks, and different water sports and other recreational activities to offer. We actually did end up doing a bunch of water activities such as Jetski, searides as the weather was perfect and water was warm. And in between the rides, we took a break in these shacks sipping our pinacolada.

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