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Getaway at the Mount Adams

When it comes to escaping the city for a restorative stay in nature, few retreats offer the convenience and charm found in tiny cabins of getaway. And after a hectic couple of weeks at work, this was a perfect getaway we were looking for close to our house. Both Yesha and I hadn’t explored much of the Mount Adams area so we were very excited to check that out. We were lucky to get hosted by Getaway team who created this experience to give people time, space, and permission to be off the city & internet life. Their tiny cabins in nature provide a break from the city, technology, and work, so that you can recharge and reconnect to who and what matters the most. And when mixed with the wilderness of Mount Adams, it was a perfect time to hydrate our souls.

Early Morning tea by our cabin
Mount St Helens in all its glory

We planned for a two night stay in Getaway cabin Mount Adams , which is about 1.5 hours away from Portland, and about 4.5 hours away from Seattle. We decided to make a detour on day 1 on our way from Seattle and headed to Mount St Helens, which adds about 2 hours to the total drive. We were a bit worried as it was quite cloudy and rainy on our drive, but as approached Helens, the sky opened up and we could see clouds underneath us with St Helens standing tall. While the  observatory & visitor center itself was closed, the trails were open for people to hike around, so we took a stroll around in the area and admired the gigantic volcano.

Trails at the coldwater lake
Coldwater lake with the peaks in the backdrop

We also took a small detour and explored the Coldwater lake close to Helens which was naturally created when St Helens erupted in 1980. The water itself was very calm and we enjoyed our picnic date along the shores of the lake. We took a small stroll along the lake with our backpacks from sherpani & paktbags after lunch before heading back on the road towards getaway house.

Mount Adams views near the Getaway

It took us another 3.5 hours to get to Getaway House in Mount Adams, and it is highly recommended that you download maps beforehand as there is no network in the area. On our way, we could see some amazing sunset colors over Mount Adams along the fields. After a quick stop on the fields, we made it to the getaway house by around 6 PM and it was beautifully set up for us.  There are about 40+ cabins in the Mount Adams Getaway area each with its own parking, a fireplace, a picnic area and the tiny cabin itself over a wagon. Unfortunately, with the wildfires happening in the area, there was a fireban so while we couldn’t use the fireplace, the cabin and the surrounding itself had a lot to offer.

Looking into the cabin from the woods
Front view and access to cabin

Each cabin is about 140-200 square feet in size and has been carefully designed including everything you need. The booking includes a stay for two or four guests, depending on the cabin that can be booked all throughout the year. They’re equipped with AC, heat for the cozy months, an AM/FM radio, wireless speakers and good vibes. Each cabin is uniquely named after the grandparents of the staff and guests and have all the facilities one needs. There is provision for the cooking essentials like oil, salt and pepper, a tiny kitchen with pots and pans, non-perishable provisions like pasta, snacks and coffee for purchase, fresh linens and towels, heat, and a hot shower. Once you arrive, you can also purchase extras from the Getaway Provisions. All cabins have their own outdoor space with a fire pit, picnic table and chairs.

Plenty of books and games are available inside each cabin

Each cabin features a comfortable queen bed outfitted with fresh white linens, pillows, and cozy throw blanket. The 4-person cabins have two queen beds that are lofted (so you can fight over the top bunk). All beds are always in view of a window, so you can wake up in the trees. If you don’t want to get up with the sun though, just bring down the blinds and sleep in.

There are picnic tables and firepit available with each cabin

Outside the cabin, you have your own tiny spot in the nature. Each cabin includes a fire pit, grilling plate and outdoor pick table an chairs. There’s firewood for purchase, along with fire starters and lighters to heat things up, but since you are in the wilderness, make sure you don’t leave any food outside the cabin.

Cabins make for a perfect datenight

Some of our favorite things inside the cabin includes a cell phone lock box so you don’t use your phone at all, a collection of fine reading books which we made significant use of and some board games that we played during our stay. We were also quite impressed with the cleanliness in the cabin specially during the pandemic.

Sunset dinner scenes

Since the cabins are quite small, we had to pack lite and we made use of our wonderful @pakt bags that fitted most of the stuff we needed at the cabin. A perfect bag for a short weekend trip with lots of space. You can shop the bag here http://www.paktbags.com

Mount Adams has dramatic views of the Takhlakh Lake

During the day, we decided to explore Mount Adams wilderness, for which we started at 11 AM with our prepacked lunch, and drove straight to Takhlakh Lake, which is about 90 mins drive from the Cabin. The drive is mostly paved with views of the Mount Adams except for the last 6 miles, which is unpaved and does have some potholes one has to be careful about. The Lake itself is beautiful with amazing reflection views of Mount Adams, and it made for our perfect picnic lunch spot. We decided to explore some more lakes in the region after this that were pretty close such as Ollalie lake, which has some nice vista of the mountains as well as council lake, which is bigger and has some dirt bike tracks if you are into it.

Ollalie lake is close to Taklakh lake and offers equally drmatic views
There are plenty of vista points of Mount Adams close to the getaway.

On our way back from Mount Adams, we stopped by a local store in the town of Trout lake to grab some huckleberry shake which is popularly found in the region and it also allowed us to check in on some research for next stay as very few places have Wifi/network in the area. Once back at the cabin, we made arrangements for a romantic dinner outside our cabin as we watched the sun go down before heading back inside and calling it a night. The next day we had made some plans to visit Hood river, another of our favorite town in Oregon and visit some vineyards and orchards in the area and soak in some Mount Hood views.

Our perfect getaway experience until we say goodbye!

Perhaps the most amazing feeling for us was every time we would get up in the morning to the birds chirping and sunrise over the trees and imagine we are waking up in the woods.  The natural soundbite and the wilderness surrounding all around us would make for a wonderful start of the day and allow us to admire the beautiful world we live in. The cozy vibes in the cabin often made us realize how many things we distract ourselves with rather than having complete alone time with one another. The time spent disconnected from the usual hustle and bustle of life was way more beneficial then we thought and we recommend everyone should try getaway!

For Booking you Stay

If you do decide to “unplug” and check out getaway, make sure you use our code “DESTINUTS” to get 25$ off on your booking. If you cherish solitude and love being out in the woods, this experience is not to be missed.

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