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Seattle hot tub boats

Do you fancy hot tubs? Well what if we say you can soak in a hot tub boat and soak in the Sea nery
of the beautiful city of Seattle! Yes, you heard it right- A Hot Tub Boat!

Both Shobhit & I love hot tubs and when we read about the Hot tub boat in Seattle we just couldn’t
resist ourselves to experience it. This is one of the most unique experience one can have in Seattle.
So whether you are a visitor or a localite, we highly recommend you to give this a try. And trust me,
you will simply not be disappointed!

The hot tub boats are located on the most famous Union Lake which offers stunning views of
the skyline and the Gas Works Park. We decided to try this activity in Spring when it is neither too
hot nor too cold. And guess what, the sun was shining very bright the day we went. However, they
are open year round & even when it snowed in Seattle! That would truly be an amazing experience.

The process to book was amazingly simple. You choose the date time on their site & simply show up! They have a small heated changing room with storage & a cool outdoor shower with hot water. Due to COVID, we were asked to dress up in our swim wear and bring our own towels. Also, we signed our waivers online before arriving. Everything was super quick and easy. When we
arrived, our boat was being filled with warm water and the caretaker was explaining us how the
water remains hot all the time you are with them. So apparently, they have an electric heater under
the boat to keep the water warm throughout the boat ride and goes up to 104 degrees. Isn’t that
super cool? Especially when in Seattle when most of the time the weather is cold.

We were on the lake for a little over 2 hours. The rentals start at a minimum of 2 hours and a
maximum of 4 hours. The boat takes 6 people at a time. We went with one more of our couple
friend. They are also available to rent overnight with some conditions and even during the Husky

It was very easy to manoeuvre the boat with a joystick. We were explained about the safety
protocols and how to ride. The boat goes extremely slow at 5mph so anyone can ride it. Also, you
don’t need a license to ride these. There was a small storage box to keep valuables and also a proper
stoage box which could accommodate some food/snacks and extra items. The boat had a map of the
lake so you could decide which side you wanted to head and keeping in mind the zones you were
not allowed to go for safety reasons.

We were also given an JBL Bluetooth speaker to play our favourites. Nothing could have made it
even better than having your choice of music while chilling in a hot tub boat on a cold sunny day! All
of us were so excited to be in there and we had an amazing time. We would definitely recommend
this experience to each one of you coming to Seattle!

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