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Exploring canyons

There are quite a few places in USA which are popular amongst tourists, there is no shortage of mountains, rivers, oceans, valleys and tall structures, but if there is 1 unique natural site that stands tall, it has to be the magical canyons in the wild wild west. There are quite a few too, here is short blog on some of our favourites in the region.

  1. Zion National park
Hiking up at Zion national park

You probably have seen pictures of people walking in river along the canyons. Though there are some canyons like that, Zion national park is perhaps the most famous of it all. There is small hike of about 2 kms to the actual point from where you can start your river hike, but the journey is very pretty, and the hike is out of the world experience. Do carry a walking stick and waterproof shoes, or you can even rent them from a nearby shop at the site while you are starting.

  1. Bryce Canyon National Park
Sunrise at Bryce Canyon

Easily our favourite, Bryce National park is only 2 hours away from Las Vegas, and probably the best canyons for sunrise and sunset viewing. We saw perhaps the best sunrise of our trip here. Go early, as the place can get crowded, and carry winterwear since it can be windy and cold even in the summer.  There are trails that you can follow to the end of the canyons, and be prepared to hike up as some of these could be strenuous.  On your way back, do explore the red canyons, and the small visitor centre shop.

  1. Lower Antelope canyons
Underground canyons

Our second favourite of them all, these canyons are underground, and there are special tours that are arranged with the local Navajo guides. Recommend that you pre-book these though tickets are to be bought on the spot as well. the tour lasts for an hour, and you are surely going to be impressed by amazing landscape inside the canyons. Don’t forget to see the spot where light particles can be seen as sun rays hit the surface inside the canyon. Recommend that you pre-book these, though the tickets for lower Antelope canyons are to be bought on the spot only. The tour lasts for an hour, and you are surely going to be impressed by amazing landscape inside the canyons

  1. Grand Canyon National park
At South rim of Grand Canyon

It is called “Grand” for a reason. This is the biggest of them all, with multiple entrances and different rims to explore. Most famous is the South Rim and we highly recommend exploring the city inside the park, and different points of interest inside the park, which can be covered through the public bus, as no cars are allowed after a specific point. Our famous points were panorama, observatory point and if you are game, we also recommend the helicopter ride above the canyons though our favourite was to walk around and explore.  If you do decide to check out the North rim, do check the walking deck, with magnificent view of the canyon.

One thing that’s common with all these rides is perhaps the road itself, some of the best roads to drive, with something or the other always available for lookout on the outside. Do plan your trips taking these breaks in between.

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