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Mount Rainier National Park

What’s the best thing about Seattle? No it isn’t that Starbucks Coffee, or the fact that is it home of Tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, or the fact that you can get to a mountain and a sea in just 40 minutes, but the massive active volcano that stands in your way, just 100 miles away, Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in Washington state

During my visit to Seattle in late summer of 2015, Shobhit took me to Mount Rainier National park on a very Sunny afternoon. Our day started with a drive through small towns on the way such as Auburn, where we could see start of early fall, with leaves starting to turn Yellow and red and we kept seeing Rainier at a distance. One would also find some small fruit sellers on the way selling Rainier cherries, and one must have these on their way as they are truly delicious.

Rainier just before sunrise

As we entered the park, our first stop was along the White river campground, which is on the north side of the park. We saw some massive streams moving fast, as the snow was melting fast, and enjoyed sitting in the valley for a few mins.

Following, we went straight towards the Sunrise Point, where we could see massive mountain emerge through the clouds, almost as if Nature is playing peekaboo with you. Sunrise point also happens to be the highest part on the mountain accessible by road. It stands at 6000 feet, and is a great spot to watch sunrise, and also a great spot for you to capture milky way if you are staying back till late.

Road to the sunrise point

Next stop for us along the way was the Paradise Point, which is the most famous point on the mountain. It sits at 5500 feet, but has a visitor centre where you can see the structure and neighbouring mountains and also has movies, educations crafts and guides who will advise you on various points you can explore in the park.

On the way back, I couldn’t help but stare at the mountain through the rear window. The trip was magical in every sense, and I could totally see myself coming back for more here.


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