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Barcelona at its best

When we began dating, we would often first argue which place we should go to, since both Shobhit and I had been to different places, and we didn’t want to repeat the places we had covered. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but this was one place Shobhit didn’t mind losing even though he had been to Barcelona, as it isn’t called the place to be just for nothing.

Our Cruise ship leaving from Barcelona

Our stay here was divided since we had a Mediterranean cruise to follow in between. So, on the first day, we decided to explore the city shopping scenes, and there is no shortage of that (However, most shops are closed on Sunday in this city). There is plenty of unique collection, both for men and women. Lots of nice shirts, shoes, and bags to choose from, and while the price is usually fixed, you can try negotiating in smaller shops to see if that moves the boat.

Sagarada Familia

After coming back from the cruise, in the night, we explored the nightlife scene in the city, and there is plenty for night crawlers here to explore. Loads of pubs, restaurants, and clubs along the famous beach. Recommend seeing the dress code for each of them, since some of them are very particular about enforcing it. We also recommend checking out the Icebar, and you can read more about it here.

Barcelona city tour bus is a good way to explore the city

On the last day, we explored the city with the famous city bus- The Hop on hop off bus taking us around the entire city. Plenty of places that you will check out and our favourites amongst these included the Palau Nacional museum, Sagrada Familia, the park Guell from where you can get amazing views of the Gaudi architecture. By the evening, don’t miss out the laser and fountain show at the museum. This usually runs every 30 minutes, but does have fixed schedules on selected dates, so recommend asking the local concierge about this before you decide to head over.

Inside Sagrada Familia

It can get hot in summer, so do drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, there is plenty of liquor places by the night to keep you dry again. 🙂

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