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Milos- A Greek island less explored

Milos is often the less explored islands of Greece,which is kind of pity since it offers some amazing views, locations and beaches. This was our next island to visit after Santorini, which was scarcely populated with tourists. So this was the perfect getaway for us.

Our hotel Santa Maria village was just a 10-minute drive from the ferry terminal. The entire island is pretty small, so we decided to pick up a rental car and see it on our own. There is one major area near the harbour where one will find a series of shops, restaurants along the sea. Rest of the town is quite un-inhabited.

In the first evening, we went along a drive to a nearby beach called Sarakiniko. The beach was beautiful, and even more impressive were the surrounding rock formation. We were alone here, and it was a perfect way for us to come and enjoy the surroundings nearby. Shobhit even took up his drone and flew it around and we got plenty of nice shots/videos. One such highlighted below showing the ocean crashing into the shore. We relished a beautiful sunset here and see the sky colours go darker.

Our very own private beach

The next morning, we got up relaxed and went to a beach called Tsigrado beach, a completely isolated beach, and you can read more about it in our experiences blog and then finally to the Paliochori beach, another magnificent beach along the Mediterranean. After a light swim in the ocean, and another drone flying session, we got some nice food at a nearby shack. To our surprise, the restaurant had pan Asian cuisine, so we enjoyed some Thai curry for a change after spending days of Greek food.

Sunset in Klima village

Post the beach celebrations, our next stop was to head over to the fishing village nearby called Klima which again offered a beautiful sunset followed by a drone session along the colourful small houses facing the sea! In the evening, it was back to the main area near the harbour for beachside walks, musical dinners for falling in love with Greece again!

Enjoying the beautiful sunset

One thing you should note is that Ferries mostly connect the Greek islands, so you need to book them beforehand, and if you generally get seasick, you should carry some medicines, though you can get some in the ferry as well. Don’t worry though, once you get through, it’s an unforgettable experience.

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