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Exploring Mallorca

It was the last day on our cruise in the Mediterranean, and while we had seen quite a few places already, we were eagerly looking forward to Mallorca, for the rich history and heritage it offers, but also the modern hotspots it offers to the visitors around the globe.

Local artist paints away some history on canvas

On one hand, this city, founded by the Romans some 2,100 years ago, is replete with (literally) wall-to-wall history and architectural splendour. You can journey back in time and wander the mazes of alleyways and cobblestone paths that surround the Gothic cathedral. On the other hand, Palma is bustling with life, showcasing the island’s best restaurants, shops, nightlife and a vibrant art scene.

Probably the most visited site in the city is the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, more commonly referred to as La Seu (a title also used by many other churches). One would find various royal horses and rides, architectural sites inside the cathedral looking over the sea and some amazing artwork throughout the structure.

Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

Outside the structure, there is plenty to do as well. There are some parks along the ocean road, and lot of local shops if you want to pick up anything. We also enjoyed plenty of local street side artists from painters, to artisan to magicians, which added to our experiences in the heat. Later in the day, we took a swim in Mediterranean and enjoyed some more sun before heading back to cruise, one last time!

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