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Cooling it down in Barcelona

The first thing you think about when coming to Barcelona is not to go to an Ice bar is it? Well, that’s why we are here, to show you the hidden places in Barcelona. The bar is by the beach, which is amazing so if you’re a beach person you’ll still love this bar!

The other thing that worked for us was the great music at the bar, which was a mix of the latest songs, and easily better than neighbouring bars. When going in there, you want to wear long pants, and they will provide both a jacket and glove, so you won’t freeze and so you will still be able to hold that glass, which is made of ice. There is an option to sit outside, which is still an equally good experience, though you may have to struggle to get a place as the bar gets crowded early.

Yesha and I headed down to the bar with our friends on a Saturday night as part of our main night out for our trip. We went in about 11pm and we were quite lucky to get a seat outside. The cocktails were awesome and even better atmosphere, though our recommendation here is to try out shots. They have some interesting options. And yes, we highly recommend a visit. Personally, we are looking forward to trying other ice bars in the world too!

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