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Just US in Spain!

It is a beautiful drive in Spain, and you are starting to get hungry, so you make stopover in nearby village town, and find a beautiful old restaurant in its historic glory, and decide to take a break. Well originally didn’t plan to, but then our hunger senses took over.

The drive was from Barcelona to Marseille, and the town we went to was Palafrugell, a small little town with small narrow roads but plenty of local shops. The restaurant was El Café Del Center, and we were the only ones when we got here, as it was close to 3 PM which is when they close the place until it reopens in the night.

We were craving some Italian food, so this was ideal for us. We ordered a Pizza and a pasta, some with our own recommendation, and some with the chef’s twist and the magical combination was the perfect. Yesha loves the red sauce and I love the white one more, so we mixed and matched and it actually turned out to be quite flavourful.

Bon Appetite Indeed!

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