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Searching for the Italian roots

You are in the Italian town of Riomaggiore and starting to get tired from summer heat. Don’t worry, plenty of options to keep your body moving as you enjoy the breath-taking views all around with Mediterranean sea on one side and the old tiny houses on the other. And if you are a pasta lover, there are hardly any places that serve better pasta than this part of the world.

Shobhit is a huge pesto fan, be it the traditional green pesto sauce, or the sundried red tomatoes pesto, so he was always on the lookout for finding a nice local restaurant in the area. And a huge number of local options are available. Most of these are run by families, who have hired people to assist, although more commercial restaurants are now starting to show up.

We decided to check out one such traditional family restaurant which was very close to the train station and the main street in the city. We ordered pesto pasta(who was dying for it all trip) with the pizza and smoked gnocchi. The service impeccable and the food extremely delicious. The prices were not too bad either. Each entrée was less than 10 euro, not that our hungry souls would have cared so much

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