Greece Travel

Performance over food- Athens

When in Rome, do as Romans do. We followed up this mantra on our visit to Athens. One of the highlights of the trip was enjoying the evening with good food while enjoying the live local dance performances, and shaking a leg or two in process

Place was the famous Tavern Kalokerinos, where we came to watch some Greek dance moves, as we were served some amazing local Greek cuisines. Everyone in the restaurant seemed to be having a good time. The entire event was super unique and fun! The performers all wore smiles and wanted the customers to join in! And yes, NO is not an option, so be prepared to dance away with other travelers and locals. Don’t worry, they will teach you steps and they aren’t that difficult to catch up. Shobhit and I are both not great dancers, so you can count on us.

Food was full of local cuisines, and our favourite was quinoa tabbouleh salad, garlic cucumber dip with pita bread, cheese and beans filled tomatoes.

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