Experiences Greece

Athens Brettos Bar

This an amazing place in the Heart of Plaka. You’ll regret if you’re in Athens and do not visit this place. We were given information about this from our hotel staff, and through our trip, some people also mentioned about checking this bar out before we travel to our next spot.

We weren’t disappointed one bit once we got to the bar. Even though bar happens to be one of the oldest in the town, Bar is very nicely decorated with different coloured bottles of liquor and the menu is full of options. There is something for everyone here, for those who like sweet liquor, there are numerous fruit flavours, for those with stronger taste, there is the bitter local options.

Their cocktails are to die for and ambience is cool. Our recommendation would be to try cocktail “Porn Star”. Pure bliss. You can’t go wrong here with anything honestly

Pro tip- do check out the main square on your way back, it is full of life past midnight with street performers and hundreds of people hanging out.

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