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Seattle Duckride Tour

It was Yesha’s first visit to Seattle, and this was a must have on her list. Seattle duck ride tour is one the most famous tours that you must do if you are in Seattle. I hadn’t done this tour myself , even though I had been living here for 4 years at that point. So, finally we got a chance to try this out. We took a slot very early in the morning since we wanted to explore Olympic mountains in the afternoon. Our bus was fully packed and they would ensure to hand you all the tools that you can use during the ride, none more famous than the beeping sound device.

The tour itself is 90 minutes, and it runs no matter how the weather is. You start on the road, and it Stretches nearly 20 miles from historical Pioneer Square to quirky Fremont, you’ll see all the sights of Seattle, plus a lot more. You are sure to Fall in love with Seattle on this fun-filled, wacky, quack-y continuous tour, packed with local folklore, historical information, jokes and music! Your Tour Guide will keep you dancing’ in your seat, laughing’ till your stomach hurts and surprising your friends with long shot trivia bits at the drop of a hat!

Waving passsesngers at another duck with Seattle skyline in backdrop

We cruised the Seattle Waterfront to see the Seattle Aquarium, the Great Wheel and where the Alaskan Gold Rush first started. Then, drove through Seattle’s historical district: Pioneer Square and hear the story of Seattle’s underground and how the Great Fire of 1889 changed Seattle and our toilets forever. In downtown, our hilarious wacky Tour Guide showed where to find the Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market.

From downtown Seattle, we travelled to the Center of the Universe (don’t worry – it’s not as far as you think!) where we saw the bus turn into a boat and our amphibious Duck splashed into Lake Union for an experience you won’t forget! The view was breath-taking, specially the view of the skyline, we also saw Gasworks Park and got a peek at a floating home from the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

We had so many fond memories on this ride, whether it was ringing a bell every time we saw a Starbucks (there are hundreds in Seattle), waving at strangers with everyone on the bus doing the same, enjoying the ride go from road to water, it was an incredible experience, and one we highly recommend.

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