Greenland Travel

Birthday celebration in Greenland

It was Yesha’s 25th birthday, that too in Greenland, where food is in scarcity, and finding a birthday cake is yet another challenge. But I was looking to make it special for her. But with limited and almost no options, I was quickly losing hope.

After a lot of poking around, I finally got some help from my tour guide. He was circumspect at first, but managed to get us a few slices of a cake on our private tour while sailing amongst the icebergs. And when you are closest to North pole, between some magical icebergs, anything and everything goes with the beautiful nature all around you. The guide also arranged for our lunch, which comprised of a Veg burger, some juice, and some fruits, all of which is typically imported into Greenland from Denmark before the winter starts.

Yes, this isn’t a traditional food post, we weren’t in some 5-star restaurant, with no service, no table. All we had was a deck on a private boat, a few slices of cake, and 100 feet tall icebergs and glaciers all around us. We both love it far more, more so if such experiences happen on our birthdays.

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