Denmark Europe Travel

An evening in Copenhagen

In order to fly into Greenland, we decided to meet in Denmark. We took a budget hotel given we were only spending a night. Our day started with a canal cruise through the famous city locations, seeing city hall, marble church, etc. We got off and enjoyed some local streetside food & Ice creams. It was then we decided to head over to the Tivoli Garden amusement part where we had the chance to enjoy the multiple rides in the park. We tried the demon, odin express and roller coaster amongst others. The gardens inside the park are also very pretty and there is some or the other event always that keeps happening here in summer. From this point, we were craving some Indian food, since we were not going to get it for next 3 weeks given our travel to iceland and Greenland. So we headed to a famous Indian restaurant nearby to grab some quick bite which Yesha had suggested since she had been here before. We wrapped up the day with some local deserts on the street.

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