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Horse riding in Iceland

The history of the Icelandic Horse can be traced right back to the settlement of the country in the late 9th century. Viking settlers brought their best horses with them, from various origins, though mostly of Germanic descent. The breed has remained pure for over a thousand years so today there is only one breed of horse in Iceland – The Icelandic Horse.

Today, there are close to 80,000 horses in Iceland, an incredible number for a nation that counts only 330.000 people. The Icelandic Horse is intelligent, good-tempered, and versatile. It is the most colourful breed in the world, with over 40 different colours and over 100 variations.

Travel on horseback is growing in popularity and Icelandic horsemen are respectful and considerate when it comes to nature, just as they are with their horse. All sorts of competitions are held, emphasizing the different gaits of the horses, from novice fun classes to top class championships.

How you doing fellas?

While we were at it, we decided to take a ride on one of the days. We had pre-booked our horse ride with http://eldhestar.is. The horse ride tour lasted about 3 hours. We were first given our gear and then we were taken to our respective horses. We were taught a few basic skills and commands and that was sufficient to go with it. And finally, we were on the go. The horses on their own are smart and will go on their own and follow other horses on the trail.

At half-point, we got down to feed our horses and gave them water, while we were given some light snacks and hot tea. It was a beautiful ride, and every time we saw the horses on the trip henceforth, we were reminded of this wonderful experience- A must have on your list of Iceland.


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