Experiences iceland

Jokulsarlon Boat ride

Arguably the most beautiful place in Iceland, Jokulsarlon is sure to take your breath away. And we wanted to spend more time here and indulge in whatever activities we could, so we decided to do the boat tours in the lake. There are different tour companies that operate in the region, and it is recommended that you get your tickets prior to arrival.

We took the zodiac boat tour, as we are able to cover large areas of lagoon and get closer to the icebergs than on the amphibian. When possible, zodiac goes almost all the way to glacier(as close to safe). We decided to do this in morning, as that was the best time to see the true colors of the iceberg, with cloudy skies versus when sun was out.

Icebergs and glacier all around

We were provided with floatation suits and a life jacket. Each boat has about 10 people on it. We were sitting in front, and were completely blown away by the icebergs, the glaciers, the seals sitting on icebergs, and the entire landscape. In the last 50 years, the glaciers have receded 8 Kilometres, creating a big lagoon of massive icebergs, drifting away in the ocean. Many of which will not make it past the beaches and are stuck at it. The current is changing always though and we saw some icebergs coming back after venturing out in the ocean. Overall, a spectacular ride and a perfect way to start our day.

Fun Fact- Iceland is getting very common with tourists these days. Shobhit went here on a solo trip in 2014, and camped next to lake, all by with himself and didn’t see a single person. Watch his 2014 travel video, and the Jokulsarlon part is in the end. During season time we would recommend to visit the beach during off hours when the tourist buses leave and its relatively quite empty to have your own time

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