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Iceland Riverjet

The only white water jet boat experience in Europe, We took up the ride with http://www.icelandriverjet.com/ on a beautiful day. Riverjet is conveniently located on the Golden Circle route. The ride takes you through the white-water rapids of Hvita river below Gullfoss waterfall.

We layered up for this event as it was getting cold in the afternoon. In addition, we were provided with additional layer of dressing by our operator, including the big glasses and helmet for safety. We got to the shore deck, where we hopped onto the boat. If you want to experience more thrill, you should probably sit in front, and in the corner. We took different seats to see what it feels like.

On our riverjet tour (Gopro shot)

From the moment, the accelerator hits the floor your adrenaline will hit the roof! Boat speeded through narrow basalt canyon, and we were exhilarated by 360 spins on the “milky white” river. While onboard, you also get to enjoy amazing scenery, all from open deltas, dramatic canyons, and white-water rapids to rich bird life. The ride itself is 40-minute-long and guarantees an adrenaline rush for both young and old! Highly recommend this white-water jet boating in Iceland! The perfect add-on when you visit Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir!



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