Experiences iceland

Touring landmannalaugar

Off the two excursions we did in Iceland, we were eagerly looking forward to the one in Landmannalaugar quite a bit, especially since our other excursion to Askja crater was a little bit of let down due to weather. And we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Our journey took us through a desert like volcanic landscape for more than 30km before we reached Landmannalaugar and it was combined with visiting Mount Hekla (Post hyperlink). Powerful geysers and glacial streams all add to the unique beauty of this fascinating place. We had plenty of time to unwind in a naturally heated hot spring before heading back.

The vehicle we had was a 4×4 vehicle specially modified with big sized wheels and was fully capable of handling the Icelandic wilderness. We thought that this amazing experience made us love Iceland even more. On the way we made a few stops. One was the huge crater lake Ljótipollur. From here we headed to have some spectacular views over the Southern Highlands, the pearl of Iceland.

Tents and RV’s near landmannalaugar

From the warm pools of Landmannalaugur we made our way to one of Iceland´s most infamous volcanoes. Mount Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, rivalling both Vesuvius and Etna with its ferocity , and you do want to read our experience when we climbed the Hekla mountain via SUV

With an endless display of colour, geo thermal activity and naturally heated pools Landmannalaugar is a must see.

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