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Climbing a mountain with an SUV

Sounds crazy? Doesn’t it? We thought so too, but boy we were in for a surprise on our tour to Landmannalaugar. Our tour guide was taking us to Mount Hekla, tallest volcano in the region, little did we know that we would be going in at about 45 degrees on an uphill mountain with no protection, but just a SUV.

Our drive from Selfoss to this mountain took about 2.5 hours, and we wasted no time once inside the park. Our driver made a straight ascend to the top. We must have been at 45 degrees or more slope as we could feel the weight going back against the seat. I was sitting in the back with Yesha in front, and I literally asked her to see if there is a track she sees to which she said no. The guide just had the hunch to go for it and, so he obliged. He stopped at an approximate flat spot, so we could get some peak views, but then it was time to get back to the even scarier path, that is to reverse back an inclined mountain slope backwards! Guess we had even better experience!

Strolling along the landmannalaugar streams

We highly recommend our guide for this experience. You can find them at http://www.icelandrovers.is , and the tour we actually took was a day jeep tour to Hekla and landmannalaugar.

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