iceland Travel

Traveltoes & Iceland waterfalls

Comfort hiking at its best, with these custom- made Nike #TravelToes! Weather it is the tough terrain, or regular walk, these are super comfy, and did I say colourful? Plus, you can customize the shoes based on your own preference of colours, style, utility etc. I was really amazed to see the detailing they can do. Like you could customize even the thread colour used to bind the shoe & even select the laces’ colour. I was having some fun time designing different options and then finalizing on one. I got them delivered within 3 weeks. Also, one the best part was, if you didn’t like them, you can return it with no charges except shipping!


The shoes were ideal for me in Iceland, where I often had to walk in rough terrains, or with snow (with some traction on top), or even if I am going for a run in the morning. More than anything, I loved the words on it, kind of goes with my spirit and frame of mind. This too is customized. Usually people get their names written, I got my passion engraved 😊

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