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Monaco- 29th Country at the same time

Yesha and I both had been to 28 countries and we were both arguing before the trip about who gets to their 29th first. Little did we know that it will be together, in the smallest of countries called Monaco. Once again, we were looking forward to our excursion from the cruise ship, and once again, it was a beautiful journey from shore to the city.

The day started with a long drive into Monte Carlo, the city of race tracks and some of the fanciest cars & Luxurious villas one can imagine. Once in the city centre, it was hard not wanting to take some of these heavy-duty vehicles for a spin. While it will cost you plenty to do that, you can always see them and explore some of the museums nearby to learn more about these rides.

A wedding taking place in heart of Monaco

Once we finished exploring the main town, we went on a drive to a vantage point called Tete-de-chien, from where one could see the entire city of Monte Carlo. We highly recommend this spot to anyone going to Monte Carlo. Shobhit was ruining not having his drone at this point as it would have been a wonderful capture from above, perhaps for our next visit.

Walking down the alley

We then finally made it to Monaco, where we explored the streets, with rich coloured buildings, numerous coffee and food joints on the street, and hundreds of shops selling homemade products.  We recommend you staying in this city for at least a day, as there is plenty to explore in the city The historical sites with lovely modern shops will truly leave you spellbound.  Last but not the least the Monte Carlo Casino will leave you stunned with its elegant Beaux Arts building. There is an entry to the Casino and formal dressing is obligatory with a tie for the men. This beautiful building also has a theatre which offers some performances which is highly sought after by the tourists.

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