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Checking out Mount Hood

Shobhit would always talk to me about how he loves the pacific northwest. And while he has climbed most of the mountains here, and captured them in all seasons, his favourite is Mount hood. When asked why, he would tell me it reminds him of the Himalayan mountains with their conical structure, unlike the other mountains in the region, which are mostly volcanic, thus more circular.

Mount Hood from Lost Lake

So when I visited Shobhit first time in Seattle, he planned a trip to Mount Hood along with some other famous destinations in Oregon state.  We planned our trip from Seattle, and so on the first day, we explored some rich sites such as Multnomah falls, Mount St Helens, and by the night, we were back in Timberline Lodge in Mount hood. While driving to Mount hood in the evening, we got to see some of the mountain in the sunset, but it got dark by the time we came here, so we really couldn’t see the actual mountain, but we could feel going up on the road, as the lodge is located right at the edge of mountain, and a lot of climbers start from here while summiting Mount Hood.

Mount Hood in backdrop at Trilium Lake

It was a new moon day, so Shobhit recommended we head out in the night To Trillium lake to see the stars and Milky way. I was very excited about this, as Shobhit had shown me some pictures he had taken here before, and boy was it beautiful. A full Milky way right above Mount hood in all its glory, as we stood on the shores of Trillium lake. We went back and stayed at the lodge the next day, and came back to Trillium Lake in the morning to see it all over again. It is a beautiful site, with campgrounds available, along with some picnic spots for families, and dozens of photographers trying to capture the Mount hood reflection in the lake.

Mount hood by the night

The afternoon was all about actually exploring the mountain itself. We went up the ski-lift which gave us amazing views all around the mountain and took us close to 7000 feet up in the mountain. The snow had melted at this altitude, though one would find plenty of snow after 8000 Feet to the top of mountain, which stands at over 11000 feet. It was a surreal feeling to see the daunting yet beautiful mountain on one side, and impressive lush green vegetations on the other side all around the mountain. I guess I knew then why Shobhit finds this as the most beautiful mountain in the pacific northwest

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