Greece Travel

Going Green in Santorini Blues

Shobhit and I were looking for the perfect dress for the exceptional backgrounds of Santorini, when my continued web surfing finally landed me to the website. And to my surprise, the website had some good collection, and the price ranges were also very good (not super pricey). So, I got started glancing through the different options that they had, and they had plenty!

We knew Santorini is famous for blue and white, so we wanted to match it with something very different. Among the many selections available on the website, none was perhaps better than this beautiful long green dress designed to perfection for any occasion. I just knew right then that this was the dress I was going to go with. And we got good promotional discounts too! You may have to check on the shipping, as the standard shipping does take about 2 weeks on average. You may get a faster delivery for some nominal charges. Do check out shipping discounts on website as well.

I had the dress delivered to Shobhit’s place in Seattle. He mentioned that the dress is quite heavy, and material was smooth. I got to see it in Athens when we both landed in Greece. I couldn’t have been more amazed. The dress material was very comfortable and high quality, and all I wanted was for that trip to Santorini. The fun part about this dress is that you can wear it in ample number of ways like a halter style, backless, simple spaghetti style etc. Simply one of my favourites from the collection!

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